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About RS Simmons Co.  

RS Simmons Co. began doing business as a software developer in 1985.  We specialized in Windows software development for machine control applications.  We then grew to include electrical and mechanical system design services.  In 2007 we began development of the SimmScope SOI optical inspection system, and began shipping systems in 2011.  The SimmScope is designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA.

RS Simmons Co. was the original software developer and control system consultant for DDM (APS) Novastar's L Series SMT Pick & Place  machine.

In 2008 we partnered with Showmark, LLC  to develop software and control systems for their line of fiber optic and fine wire spooling machines.  

The screen to the right was developed for a machine that flattens and winds fine wire for use in solar cells.  These machines are networked together to share a common recipe database.

Software development is closely linked to both the electrical and mechanical design of a machine or system.  Often, software development can not begin until the electrical and mechanical systems are concepted or designed.  We offer electrical, mechanical, and assembly services. 

We are experienced in electrical design of control systems for all types of applications involving instrumentation and motion control.  We can handle the entire design or consult on the design with your engineers to help bring the project to a successful and timely end. 

We are experienced in mechanical design of complex motion control systems.  As with the electrical design, we can do the entire design or consult on the design with your engineers to help bring the project to a successful and timely end.

  Some OEMs and End Users:

Advent Design, Aldon's Foods, Aluminum Athletic Equipment, Amerace, AMP, Angiotech, Automated Production Systems, Asher Candies, AT&T, Black & Decker, C&D Chartered Power, Centocor, Chant Engineering, D&G, Day4 Energy, Draper, Dupont, DynaVac, Elmark Packaging, Ethicon, Evergreen Solar, Exonic Systems, Ford Electronics, Foremost, General Electric, Graco, Herr Foods, Honeywell, Hull/Finmac, ITT, Johnson & Johnson, KEYW, Knoll, Kulicke and Soffa, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Lehighton Electronics, Maple Accessories, Mather Seal, McGuckin & Pyle, Microstamping, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Muskin Pools, Onexia, Optiphase, Pakorny, Penn Engineering, Polymeric Systems, Pressed Steel, PS Group, Quickie, Showmark Machines, SKF Bearing, SMC Systems, Thorlabs, U.S. Steel, Upjohn, Wawa, West Summit Concepts.

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