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SimmScope SOI
  The SimmScope SOI is a semi-automatic PCB optical inspection and photo documentation system for printed circuit board assemblies (PCB or PCBA).  It significantly increases the speed and accuracy of manual visual inspections at a fraction of the price of an AOI.  It is currently being used in aerospace and military applications where 100% inspection and tracebility is required.  It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a multitude of SMT and Thru-Hole applications including conformal coating with the integrated UV lights.

It is ideal for:
  • First Article Inspection, Assembly Line Auditing, or Low Volume 100% Inspection.
  • Final End of Line Inspection where board height is a problem for other systems.
  • Both Pre and Post Flow Applications since the board is stationary.
  • Automatic Image Capture and Archiving of Critical Inspection Areas of the PCB.
  • High Reliability Applications such as Military, Aerospace, Medical, and Automotive where Traceability is Required
  • 2D Solder Paste Inspection
  • Bare Board Missing Trace, Contaminant, and Silkscreen Inspection
  • Cleanliness Inspection
  • Conformal Coating Inspection
  • Photo Documentation of Any Visual Feature

  • The system automatically moves a digital microscope to inpection points, sets the lighting, and zooms to the region of interest.
  • A software mask, similar a mylar overlays, can be used to hide surrounding areas.
  • The integrated White, Red, Green, Blue, and UV lighting can be adjusted on the fly using the graphical interface.
  • A Golden Board image can be displayed next to the live image for visual comparison.
  • The operator compares the live image to the Golden Board Image and either passes of fails it.
  • The images are automatically captured and can be stored as part of the post inspection report.

  The Main Interface:  
Inspection Manager
The Main Interface above consists of the live image on the left (with real time lighting adjustments), the golden board image on the right, and the pass/fail controls in the "Dash Board" area below the images.

  Inspection by Component:  
Inspection Manager
The system can import a component XY list to inspect each component individually.  In Dual Screen Mode the PCB graphic is shown on a separate screen as shown above.  The graphic is dynamic such that any region of interest can be selected and the camera will move to that location.  All inspected regions are color coded with the pass/fail results.

  Inspection by Matrix:  
Inspection Manager

  The system can also be programmed to inspect by a matrix pattern.  The area to be inspected is divided into individual regions to be passed or failed rather than component by component.  The regions can be overlapped to be sure that no area is missed.

Image Archiving by Component (or Matrix):
Inspection Manager

For each region or component inspected the system captures a high resolution image.  At the end of the inspection the operator has the option to save all of the inspection images to a report directory.  These images can be reloaded into the system for review, re-inspection, or rework update.

  Hybrid Image Creation:  
Inspection Manager

The operator also has the option to generate a Hybrid Image of the entire inspection as part of the report.  The individual images are reassembled and placed in their respective places over the graphic and then saved as one file.  This file can be kept as reference for each build.  It could also be sent to customers for approval of a first piece before a production run.

  Tiled Image Creation:  
Inspection Manager

If the inspectrion was done by matrix then the hybrid image that is created can show a complete scan of the board.  The inspection can also be a combination of region and component inspections.  The hybrid image would then show both scanned areas and component areas.

  Tiled UV Image Creation:  
Inspection Manager

The system can also be used to inspect for conformal coating.  The image above shows a hybrid image of a matrix area inspection for conformal coating.  Again, the system can be programmed to look at the indidual components for coverage or it can be inspected in a matrix/grid pattern.

  Spread Sheet Report:  
Inspection Manager

An Excel spread sheet report can be generated for the inspection as shown above.  The system will show all of the information known about every inspection point and show the pass/fail results for each point.

  System Specifacations (subject to change):

Model Number

SimmScope 1212

SimmScope 1812

SimmScope 1818

SimmScope 2418

Standard Digital Microscope


Color 1.3M Pixel (1280 x 1024)

20x to 90x Adjustable Mag., 1600 to 7400 dpi, .8” to .17” FOV

Top Down 8 White LED with Adjustable Polarization

Optional Digital Microscopes


Color 5M Pixel (2592 x 1944)

20x to 90x Adjustable Mag., 3200 to 14800 dpi, .8” to .17” FOV

Top Down 8 White LED with no Polarization

Also Available: 1.3 or 5MP 20x to 10x Adjustable. Mag, .8” to 1.6” FOV

Optional Lighting

Programmable Quadrant White, Red, Green, Blue, and UV LED Side Lighting

Top Clearance


Varies with Magnification Setting and Lighting (2” to 6”).

Typically 3” top clearance depending on actual setup.

Bottom Clearance


Typically 3” bottom clearance depending on the actual setup.

More if needed with Mechanical Adjustment.

Max. Inspection Area

12” x 12”

18” x 12”

18” x 18”

24” x 18


21.5” W x 20” L 24” H

27.5” W x 20” L 24” H

27.5” W x 26” L 24” H

33.5” W x 26” L 24” H

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